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Industrial Services

Schaeffler is your powerful partner for sustainable solutions concerning maintenance and quality control - from the selection of the optimal tools to machine monitoring to the maintenance services such as mounting or reconditioning of rolling bearings. In co-operation with the system manufacturer or operator we develop individually tailored concepts independent of manufacturers.

Schaeffler Mounting Services

Schaeffler Mounting Services

The Industrial Service experts of Schaeffler offer qualified mounting and dismounting services for rolling bearing. The well-trained specialists have a very deep knowledge and experience within all kind of industry sectors and applications. The services are offered reliably and fast all over the world or within the facilities of Schaeffler.

Worldwide operation

Around the world, Schaeffler rolling bearings ensure that equipment operates reliably.

Machine failure

Unfortunately, things do not always run smoothly. Have you ever worked out what an hour's downtime on a piece of equipment can really cost? It is more than you might think

Pulp & Paper
20 000 € / hour
50 000 € / hour
Mining & Processing
30 000 € / hour
Power Plants
100 000 € / hour

Reasons for a failure

It is therefor a good idea to know the reasons.

Optimization of downtimes

We can help to optimise your downtime and make optimum use of your equipment.

You can then save real money through...
  • trained and skilled people with experience of mounting work
  • professional and qualitative tools
  • cleanliness and the correct handling of the components
  • worldwide service right to your door
The benefits to you...
  • extended bearing life
  • considerable cost reductions
  • less unplanned downtime
  • increased equipment availability
  • your own employees are more aware of the correct way to handle rolling bearings

To the virtual plant

Come with us into the virtual plant and see what the Schaeffler Mounting Service can do.

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